April 29, 2005

Day 2 – farmland and more farmland…

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Faith under Construction
I forgot to mention my last post….on our way out of DC – Steph texted both our cells…

“On the road again. just cant wait 2 get on the road again. c’g things i nevr c again and i Cant wait 2 get on the road again.”

That melted our hearts…

Then I texted back:

“It’s been a long road – getting from there 2 here – Blah blah blah – ’cause I got faith of the heart – nothing can bend or break me…”

And then I texted back from Mark’s phone…

“I got faith to believe – I can do anything…’cause I got faith of the heart. cue guitar riff and spaceships”

She answered back with : “Sniff. ENGAGE”

We left behind our Trek buddy in DC – but we’re still together in spirit. Sigh.

Last Monday, she said she sat down to watch an episode of Enterprise on UPN….only a few more left. It was pre-empted by a National’s game. Damn.

Cracker Barrel in Terre Haute, Indiana
We stopped for lunch in Terre Haute, Indiana. My first Cracker Barrel – it was next door to the hotel parking lot were we got free wifi.
We tried to eat at on Cracker Barrel in Virginia – but that had an hour wait…or more.

On this road trip – we got seats within minutes. There was this neat brain game of holes and what looked like golf tees. It determined your stupid level by how fast you could remove the golf tees from the formation….by making moves similar to Chinese checkers.

I had the Cajun fish and the grits. Yum. Nice and savory and it’s hard to resist the Cajun spices.


We made it to Missouri by the afternoon. Mark was on the kick to avoid all the major cities. So – we skipped St. Louis. I’m glad we had a chance to see it on my first cross-country trip (west – to – east).


This nifty sink at the MI rest stop – our only stop in Missouri – made it possible to wash-up without touching anything else – it spit out soap and water….it also had an automatic dryer….good for folks with major germ-phobia.

Sunset in Kansas

We made to the Missouri – Kansas border by sunset. Thankfully – we didn’t have any more rain storms on our second day of traveling.
Another Sunset in Kansas

These highway sunsets had such beautiful rich colors. Then Mark and I got into a fight by Kansas City, MO. I complained about whizzing by cities without doing any of the touristy stuff.

“I’m trying to get you back home!” he snapped at me.

So, I did the chilly thing. Then he realized that we whizzed by a museum he wanted to see…back in Ohio. So he went on the upset route as well. Yeah, that was pretty mature.
Topeka - Capital of Kansas

We spent the night in Topkea….ok…more like outside of the capital city of Kansas. This is the capital building.
I was still mad at Mark. We made up the next morning.

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