November 1, 2005

Road Trip to my new life in Kansas

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Mark packed our Corollas last Saturday. He filled both black cars with bags, boxes, books, clothing and memories. My bears got a comfy seat near the passenger seat. I’m amazed I was able to see out my back window.

Today, we made it to Topeka.

The autumn leaves were beautiful – rich, jewel-like colors. I snapped a few pictures from the driver’s seat while we drove through Colorado.


June 1, 2005

Day 4 of Cross-Country Road Trip…

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OK – this dates back to last March…more or less… the snow stopped the next day. I think Mark woke up with a bit of a hangover. As usual – I woke up with a cheery smile on my face. We had breakfast in the Super 8 Lodge. The other hotel guests talked about heading up to the slopes…Lucky.

Andre said he didn’t like the snow. He’s a Golden Bear afterall. He took my hat for extra warmth.

May 3, 2005

Day 3 – looking for something cool to do….

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So by day 3, Mark and I agreed to do more touristy things. We were prepared to head off the road at the next cool sign for some historic or other place.

We found this Applebee in Kansas. One of our first stops for food.

April 29, 2005

Day 2 – farmland and more farmland…

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Faith under Construction
I forgot to mention my last post….on our way out of DC – Steph texted both our cells…

“On the road again. just cant wait 2 get on the road again. c’g things i nevr c again and i Cant wait 2 get on the road again.”

That melted our hearts…

Then I texted back:

“It’s been a long road – getting from there 2 here – Blah blah blah – ’cause I got faith of the heart – nothing can bend or break me…”

And then I texted back from Mark’s phone…

“I got faith to believe – I can do anything…’cause I got faith of the heart. cue guitar riff and spaceships”

She answered back with : “Sniff. ENGAGE”

We left behind our Trek buddy in DC – but we’re still together in spirit. Sigh.

Last Monday, she said she sat down to watch an episode of Enterprise on UPN….only a few more left. It was pre-empted by a National’s game. Damn.


April 15, 2005

The Voyage Home…Day 1

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We started our road trip back to California, from DC, on the day after Easter. Mark suggested leaving the day before – but I felt funny traveling on a holy day…besides Steph had a lovely Easter dinner planned for us.

This is what we tried to do on the road trip….
Day 1 – Monday, March 28
Washington DC – Pittsburgh – Columbus
Stop in Indianapolis – 10 Hours

Day 2
Indianapolis – St. Louis: 4 hours
St. Louis – Salina, Kansas: 6 hours
Stop in Salina

Day 3
Salina – Denver: 7 hours
Denver – Glenwood Springs, CO: 3 hours
Stop in Glenwood Springs

Day 4 – Thursday, March 31
Glenwood Springs, CO – Grand Junction – Richfield, Utah
Catch the 15 in Utah…no man’s land.
Las Vegas – 10 Hours

Day 5 – Friday, April 1

That didn’t work out because we ran in to some heavy rain on day 1. The rain was so bad – we could barely see out our windows and the road in front of us.

We stopped in Cumberland, Maryland – for lunch. The town’s inside the Appalachian Mountains…somewhere.


April 11, 2005

Wagons West!

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day1_cumberland1, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Here’s a new blog about about my road trips..

Last month – I pointed my tiny little black Corolla towards Cali….headed home. I finished up my Master’s program in DC and I was ready for a break.

My honey piled up the car with all our crap and planned on hitting the I-70 for our road trip.

Rain slowed us down, at the beginning of the trip. We had to play catch-up by day 4.

This pix is from “historic” Cumberland, MD.

More pix will be uploaded…soon