April 29, 2005

Day 2 – farmland and more farmland…

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Faith under Construction
I forgot to mention my last post….on our way out of DC – Steph texted both our cells…

“On the road again. just cant wait 2 get on the road again. c’g things i nevr c again and i Cant wait 2 get on the road again.”

That melted our hearts…

Then I texted back:

“It’s been a long road – getting from there 2 here – Blah blah blah – ’cause I got faith of the heart – nothing can bend or break me…”

And then I texted back from Mark’s phone…

“I got faith to believe – I can do anything…’cause I got faith of the heart. cue guitar riff and spaceships”

She answered back with : “Sniff. ENGAGE”

We left behind our Trek buddy in DC – but we’re still together in spirit. Sigh.

Last Monday, she said she sat down to watch an episode of Enterprise on UPN….only a few more left. It was pre-empted by a National’s game. Damn.


April 15, 2005

The Voyage Home…Day 1

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We started our road trip back to California, from DC, on the day after Easter. Mark suggested leaving the day before – but I felt funny traveling on a holy day…besides Steph had a lovely Easter dinner planned for us.

This is what we tried to do on the road trip….
Day 1 – Monday, March 28
Washington DC – Pittsburgh – Columbus
Stop in Indianapolis – 10 Hours

Day 2
Indianapolis – St. Louis: 4 hours
St. Louis – Salina, Kansas: 6 hours
Stop in Salina

Day 3
Salina – Denver: 7 hours
Denver – Glenwood Springs, CO: 3 hours
Stop in Glenwood Springs

Day 4 – Thursday, March 31
Glenwood Springs, CO – Grand Junction – Richfield, Utah
Catch the 15 in Utah…no man’s land.
Las Vegas – 10 Hours

Day 5 – Friday, April 1

That didn’t work out because we ran in to some heavy rain on day 1. The rain was so bad – we could barely see out our windows and the road in front of us.

We stopped in Cumberland, Maryland – for lunch. The town’s inside the Appalachian Mountains…somewhere.


April 11, 2005

Wagons West!

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day1_cumberland1, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Here’s a new blog about about my road trips..

Last month – I pointed my tiny little black Corolla towards Cali….headed home. I finished up my Master’s program in DC and I was ready for a break.

My honey piled up the car with all our crap and planned on hitting the I-70 for our road trip.

Rain slowed us down, at the beginning of the trip. We had to play catch-up by day 4.

This pix is from “historic” Cumberland, MD.

More pix will be uploaded…soon